Huddy-Gunn Graduate Paper Award

In order to be eligible, the graduate student submission should be an original research paper that investigates a topic from an empirical or theoretical perspective and meets the criteria of the call for conference submissions. The paper should focus on challenging a theory, the development of a new theory, or the modification of a current theory. An abstract is sufficient on or before February 13th of the conference year.

Submission Guidelines:

The complete paper must be e-mailed as a Word attachment to the Communication Center Section/NACC Student Coordinator by the date announced in the call for papers. The subject line should read: “NACC Graduate Paper Competition.” To ensure an anonymous review process, the document (body of paper and abstract) cannot include the author’s name or affiliation. Information that in any way identifies the presenter or her/his affiliation may disqualify the proposal from consideration. A separate cover page should include the following: name, university/college, address, phone number, and e-mail address.

Additional Guidelines:

  1. Graduate students are allowed to submit one paper per mini-conference to the graduate paper competition.
  2. Papers from M.A. thesis projects are not eligible for this competition. These papers are eligible for consideration on non-competitive panels comprised of undergraduate students, graduate students, and/or faculty.
  3. The paper may be single or co-authored original work of the student(s) submitting the paper. All authors must be either undergraduate or graduate students. There can be no student-faculty co-authored papers submitted for this award.
  4. If your abstract is accepted as a conference submission, you are expected to present your paper, regardless of whether or not you win the award.
  5. Presenters are required to register for the mini-conference.
  6. The award-winner will be determined by a committee formed for that purpose by the Communication Center Section/NACC Student Coordinator.
  7. Manuscripts should not exceed 5,000 words.
  8. Manuscripts should be submitted by the end of the day in the local time zone of the submitting author.

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