Welcome to Digital Perspectives from the Center (DPC)

Submissions for Communication Center Journal’s innovative DPC section take the form of videos, animations, podcasts, Prezis, or other digital productions focused on communication center perspectives. DPC entries are peer-reviewed and offer the opportunity to share research findings, training materials, promotional campaigns, and other insights that are difficult (or impossible) to communicate in other modes or media. Digital products are welcome for consideration in any form. Final products selected for inclusion in this section must be made available by the center or author(s) for publication on the CCJ website.


  • Research: building on current research
  • Praxis: best practices in the center; training materials
  • Reviews: reviews of digital products
  • Promotion: products and campaigns that help promote a center


In order to be considered for the section, submitted material must:

  • Be submitted with a brief narrative explaining the product and its relevance to a particular section (research, praxis, reviews, or promotion)
  • Be accessible to editors (unlisted or public)
  • Contain closed captions for the hearing impaired (if applicable)
  • Not violate copyright and intellectual property law
  • Have permission from the institution and anyone represented in the video

Send submissions to Shawn Apostel at [email protected].


Kristi Apostel, Smarthinking, Inc.
Landon Kyle Berry, University of Central Florida
Brandy Dieterle, University of Central Florida
Moe Folk, Kutztown University
Matthew Gilcrist, University of Iowa
Karen Head, Georgia Tech
Sohui Lee, California State University Channel Islands
Briana Mauk, Ball State University